What is a Student Union?  Students’ Union is the voice of the Students and the home of student life at Bangor! Our mission here at Undeb Bangor is to enrich and enhance the student experience of Bangor University students. We stand firmly by our 5 key values to ensure that we do the best job possible for the students; collectivismdemocraticCymraegchallenging; and brave

We stand by our purpose “Bangor Students: we work to amplify your voice, enable your opportunities and develop your communities”.

Our vision is “to be completely relevant to you”.

How do we do this? We have a team of dedicated Sabbatical Officers (Sabbs) who work all hours to ensure that the Student Voice is heard and that the kind of activities that are needed are being developed. Supporting the elected Sabbatical Officers are the 16 Students’ Union professional staff, an experienced team supporting the delivery of campaigns and enacting the policies of the Sabbs, working together with the University to better the student experience of all students! 

The Sabbatical Officers chosen by the students for the students have a big impact on the decisions made within the University and are present at senior University committees and work closely with staff and students to deliver real change.

What has the Students’ Union achieved? Those free sports clubs and societies; we did that. The 24 hour opening of the libraries; we secured that policy. The freeing up of Wednesday afternoons; that was us. By working with the University and providing them with feedback from such things as the Annual Student Survey, we contributed to the University achieving a top 10 spot in the National Student Survey (NSS) and the top spot in Wales for student satisfaction. We don’t stop there; we give back to the communityand offer, on average, 750 volunteering opportunities a year that equates to about 600 hours of volunteering per week! We’re here to look after all students, not just undergraduate. For post-graduates, we secured contracts for those who teach as well as ensuring that all post-grads have a personal tutor as well as a supervisor. 
We would never be able to do this without working closely with our students to understand what they want and need. We work for our student community. Our new home at Pontio will provide us with a better link to the student body at the heart of the campus. We’ve created a welcoming, exciting hub that we want students to feel comfortable in.