We are Undeb Bangor (your Students’ Union here at Bangor University) This is a strategic plan for all of us, its purpose is to show how we plan to get bigger, better and be completely relevant. We’ve worked hard to put this plan together and we hope you think it’s bold, ambitious and exciting. This plan is for you and we intend to support, facilitate and empower you to make us better. It’s a journey that we’ll take together.

We are good but we can be better, this plan has been created from your direct feedback and input and all of the 25 priorities are focussed around making your time at Bangor the best it can possibly be. You spoke to us in your thousands and you told us clearly that you loved Bangor but there were some clear gaps in University provision, but also the stuff that we do. You told us that your academic experience at Bangor is great but could be improved, you told us that you want more opportunities to do stuff, you said that mental health and emotional resilience is a top priority and you told us that your involvement with the local community should be stronger and deeper. This plan has prioritised all of those things and more and we can’t wait to work with you to do it.

We exist for you - “Bangor Students: we work to amplify your voice, enable your opportunities and develop your communities”

We have a bold and simple Vision - “To be completely relevant to you”

We are driven by our Values -

  • Collectivism       doing it with you not for you
  • Democratic         accountable and transparent
  • Cymraeg              proud to be here
  • Challenging        for a better society
  • Brave                    embracing innovation

We work to achieve through - 

  • Inclusivity, accessibility and diversity
  • Being led by the student voice
  • Empowering and facilitating - so we do it with you not for you
  • Building our campaigns through evidence and research
  • Being a close but critical friend of the University
  • Encouraging opinion and debate

We rely on you to tell us what you think and want – talk to us about this plan, tell us what you think and get involved to help us deliver it.