Bangor Student Survey

Monday 02 November 2020

midnight - midnight

Bangor Student Survey

By filling in the Bangor Student Survey, you help us produce our Student Experience Report. This includes loads of recommendations for the University to work on, so that your experience is the best it can be! 

Here are just a few things we have recommended to the University for you: 

  1. Ensure that there is high usage of Panopto lecture recordings across all schools and modules. 

  1. Provide a feedback date for students prior to submitting work to allow you to know exactly when feedback will be available to you. 

  1. The University to produce a definitive list which identifies study spaces across campus and when these can be used. 

  1. The University to develop strategies to ensure all feedback is consistent across Schools and modules. Feedback should always include what was good and what could be improved. 

  1. Schools to create feedback logs to share with students so that they can track changes made in response to feedback raised.