Award Winners 2018/2019


- Varsity Team of the year - Mens Football


-Club of the Year - Surf

This Club has it all. Great relationship with the SU. They have een successful at BUCS. On top of that this year they have, totally transformed the opinions of the senior managers in the SU about teams that have previously been troublesome. They have constantly supported the Vx3 contract, despite it not being a contract that suited their sporting needs. They brought back a massive win at Varsity, and do this all whilst being one of the most environmentally conscious clubs we have in Bangor, if they aren’t getting on it at Menai, or catching some waves, they are saving the planet, one litter pick and reusable water-bottle at a time.




-Team of the Year - Womens Basketbasll

This team has always been a successful team at Bangor University. This year marks an incredibly successful season for this side. Bangor University is often seen as an underdog in the Northern BUCS Leagues, but this team has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with. Although they have frequently switched between leagues 1&2 for the last few years, the strength of their squad, accompanied with a world class coach means that the 2019/20 season could potentially be just as successful as this years has been.

Unbeaten in the League, and unlucky to go out in the Semi-Finals of the Cup – you truly are the uncontested winner of this award.




-Steve Connor Spirit of the AU - Womens Hockey

This Club has ensured they are a constant presence in all aspects of the Athletic Union. They have attended every single AU event, typically in some admirable fancy dress. They have raised money for Charity through their annual tournament, and even had one of their members shave their head in support of the cause. They have single- handedly kept the new endeavour of ‘Focus Fixtures’ alive .




-Sportsman -Theo Schoebel

He joined this club in 2018 and promptly gained a prominent place in the squad. He has been working tirelessly to improve his understanding and technique in the sport, and it has begun to pay off. As well as being an excellent sportsman, he is always first to put himself forward for AU events such as Superteams and Dodgeball tournaments, and has been instrumental in the fundraisers we have had as a club this year. His commitment to both sides of the club has culminated in him being the most successful member in the Club’s history, winning their first ever BUCS bronze medal, and he will soon be jetting out to Croatia to compete in the European Universities Student Championships, representing Bangor on a European level.





-Sportswoman - Sonja Samokovlija

The recipient of this award has gone above and beyond representing her club at Bangor University, the individual epitomises every sense of the word leader and has been recognised by her peers as a role model and mentor.

She has cultivated a winning environment, whilst promoting a strong sense of cohesion throughout the club.

She is a selfless team-captain often sacrificing her own scoring opportunities to aid the development and boost the confidence of her fellow teammates. This is what Bangor sport is all about, excellence, humility and sportsmanship.




- Female fresher of the year - Arcadia Seldon

This individual has made leaps and bounds in her abilities this year. She has absolutely embraced life in Bangor, and thrown herself into competing for the University on the biggest stages. Sliding right in to a competitive squad, despite it being a rarity, she showed tenacity and drive to ensure that she always up their matching the abilities of some of the older members of the squad.  She’s brought medals back for Bangor on a national stage, and I have no doubt that she’ll start bringing them back on an international stage by the end of her time in Bangor.




- Male fresher of the year  -Chris WIlden

He has been an integral part of the club this year. He has attended almost all of the events the club has run. In addition, his willingness to go the extra mile within the club, as meant that many sessions are able to go ahead as a result of his willingness.  Additionally, he has acquired the role of freshers rep this year, and has effectively bridged the gap between many older members as well as the younger members of the club, allowing for everyone within the club to foster a happy ad friendly atmosphere.  He has been an absolute delight to work with, and I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t go on to be an excellent Club Captain.




- Open award - Seren

This year, the work by this group has been phenomenal, totally transforming how students see Bangor University sport.Your coverage of Varsity was top notch, and Finnian in particular, your commentary of the men’s final fixture was exquisite. Finnian, Corie & the rest of Seren - your work this year has been tireless, and the Athletic Union feel that it has not been totally appreciated.




- AU Presisents Award - Thomas Weller