No elections are currently running

The UMCB committee for the following year, with the exception of the first year's representative, is elected at the General Meeting at the end of the academic year. The Committee meets regularly to discuss various business matters and issues relating to the governance of UMCB. The meetings are divided into two sections - social and business matters. Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Committee about any issue.

The various representatives are responsible for different cohorts so be sure to contact the relevant officer about any issue, be it a complaint, a query or a compliment! The committee members are there to help you resolve any problems.

Your representatives


Lleucu Myrddin

President of UMCB and Chair of the Committee 


Hannah James

Vice-Chair of the Committee and Postgrad Representative


Huw Geraint Jones

Second Year Representative



Bethan Boland

Third Year Representative and Chair of UMCB's Welsh Learners Society


Emily Birch

Occupational Representive


Iwan Evans

Sports representative and member of the Cymric



Ioan Rees

Member of the Cymric



Aled Rosser

Member of the Cymric and LGBTQ+ representive



Branwen Roberts

Member of the Cymric and Editor of the Llef

Mabon Dafydd

JMJ President

Cadi Fflur Evans

First Year representive



Mared Fôn

Home Students representive