It’s been an eventful weekend for UMCB and Bangor University!

The Inter-college Eisteddfod in Swansea

On Friday the sports events were held. The women’s team won the football and rugby and came second in the netball. The men’s team came second in the rugby and third in the football. Bangor were fortunate to be the overall winners of the sports competition.

On Saturday, Bangor’s performances were phenomenal; from the individual singing first thing in the morning to the group dancing competition in the afternoon and the choirs and the comedy acts. Bangor stole all the top choral prizes – the men’s, the women’s and musical. Aberystwyth came in on top in the homework round and Bangor came in with a close second with Alistair Mahoney winning the Musician Trophy for the third time, and Jack Wilson winning the Welsh Learner Medal. More photos can be seen on UMCB’s social media.

Aelwyd JMJ 

And to crown the weekend, S4C broadcasted the first episode of ‘Côr Cymru’ - Welsh Choir, with Aelwyd JMJ giving an incredible performance. Although Aelwyd JMJ weren’t successful, I’m sure you’ll agree that the performance was breath taking and attracting a great deal of attention to Bangor University. You can watch the Choir by following this link:

So that’s it, enough going on’s for one weekend! Thanks again to our students for all their hard work and dedication!


October 2018 Newsletter - 2nd Issue - Gethin Morgan


I hope you're all well and that you, the first years, have settled happily in Bangor by now. You should have the time of your life here so make the most of all the opportunities that come your way, and you are very welcome to take part in all the UMCB activities. Just as a reminder - my door is always open to discuss any issues with you. My job, in short, is to ensure that both your academic and your social life are as full of Welsh as possible.

The Welcome Week was extremely successful this year with Y Cymric taking the lead in organising the evening activities. Over the week UMCB assisted students arriving at JMJ and took part at Serendipity, the Welsh Welcome Fair and a JMJ Breakfast. The JMJ Breakfast was a new event this year, and hopefully it will happen again in the future. It's an opportunity for people to socialise in a safe environment and have some good food! A 30 page UMCB handbook, the first of its kind, was launched during Welcome Week and hopefully it will form the basis for future presidents to share information with students.

Our societies have already begun the year with great conviction. Following the decline of Cymdeithas y Ddrama Gymraeg (Welsh Drama Society), a group of students got together to found a new society, Cymdeithas John Gwilym Jones (Society). Our thanks to the crew for getting together and establishing the society, and in doing so paying tribute to a renowned dramatist and former lecturer at Bangor. There is a lot of enthusiasm for sport this year and students are making requests to me on a daily basis, ensuring that Chwaraeon y Cymric (Sports) is a priority for UMCB, and we have invested considerably in the teams. And it's nice to see the numbers rising and big plans being developed for the future - watch this space! And in the meantime, if you are interested in taking part - contact our sports representative.

With the Shw'mae Su'mae Week having come to an end, I would like to thank all the volunteers who were out campaigning and raising awareness of the Welsh language and culture. UMCB had a high presence around the University. The gig at Pontio was the highlight of the Week and it is important that we recognize the work of my predecessor, Mirain Llwyd, who organised the event during her time as president. Hopefully we can build on this week next year.

UMCB’s Annual General Meeting was held on the 9th of October and JMJ Hall was full to capacity! It was nice to welcome Lois Roberts from the Bangor Branch of the Coleg Cymraeg (Welsh Federal College) and Kim Jones from the Profi volunteering scheme to address the UMCB members. Several interesting questions were raised and it was great to see UMCB students take an interest in politics. The highlight of the evening was the election of the first year's representative, and following very polished presentations from all 5 candidates, Mabon Dafydd won a close contest. Congratulations to him.

I do not want to bother you now with my priorities for the year, but if you're keen to hear them, by all means please contact me. And remember that the committee is here to represent you - so use them!