Our History



UMCB stands for Undeb Myfyrwyr Cymraeg Bangor (Bangor Welsh Students' Union) and supports the welfare of Welsh speaking students, learners and anyone else with an interest in the Welsh language and culture during their time here in Bangor.

From the very establishment of the university, the 'Cymric' society was active as the university Welsh society and organised literary activities, social events and debates. In a changing climate and amidst increasing unrest amongst Welsh speakers in the 1970s, members of the society realised that the 'Cymric' was not in itself a strong enough forum to represent the Welsh students. As a result, UMCB was established in 1976 as a new and independent union. Prior to that, there had been a successful campaign to secure a Welsh language hall of residence at the university, which became Neuadd John Morris-Jones (JMJ). The legacy of both JMJ and Y Cymric persists to this day with JMJ continuing to be home to many Welsh students and a focal point for UMCB activities and Y Cymric is still thriving as a society that is responsible for UMCB's social calendar.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who were involved in establishing UMCB, as they were responsible for laying the foundations for what is today an engaged, dynamic and committed union.


UMCB Today



Over the years, UMCB's relationship with the Students' Union and the University has developed and by now, UMCB has a strong relationship with both Undeb Bangor and the University, which has ensured that Welsh students are effectively represented today. We are now a part of Undeb Bangor and have a Sabbatical Officer of our own with full status. This allows us to further our aims throughout the university and to raise awareness of the Welsh language and students' rights beyond UMCB's domain. As part of the Students' Union, UMCB has an equal voice when it comes to matters that affect the whole student body.

Academically, our role is to ensure that the Welsh language is a priority in the academic life of the university and we work with the Coleg Cymraeg (Welsh Federal College), Canolfan Bedwyr (the university's centre for Welsh language services, research and technology) and the university itself to ensure this. In addition, we have a duty to ensure that the rights outlined by the Welsh Language Commissioner at the beginning of 2018 are fully realised and we will continue to work with the university to that end. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact Canolfan Bedwyr or the UMCB office.

Our social role is to support all our societies. UMCB has a number of different societies which cater for different interests and which it supports to ensure that they reach their full potential. We want to see a vibrant and healthy Welsh-speaking community at the university and we take great pride in our community, which is close and friendly and has a strong sense of family.

This handbook will give you an idea of the structure of UMCB and all the opportunities the union has to offer, and if you have any queries all our contact details are here.