The Student Voice Team exists to ensure that the views and interests of all Bangor University Students are represented and heard. This is achieved in lots of different ways from the univeristy wide Course Rep System to one on one academic support. Other ways we make sure your voice is heard include;

  • Undeb Bangor Council
  • Your Ideas - Make Change Happen
  • Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Welfare Support
  • Sabbatical Officer Elections
  • Support to attend NUS Conferences
  • Student Led Teaching Awards
  • Training and development of student leaders
  • Student led research projects such as the Annual Student Statement

In the Student Voice Team you will find;

  • VP Education
  • Representation and Democracy Coordinator
  • Academic Experience Research Coordinator
  • Academic Advice Caseworker
  • Student Voice Assistant
  • Student Voice Manager

Got a question? Get in touch at or call 01248 388000