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The basis of all our research work is developed from our annual Undeb Bangor Survey. Here we ask you as students to tell us about your experiences as a Bangor student.

We use this information as a foundation to produce many reports which provide recommendations of improvements to us and the University. Look out for the survey in the Autumn!


Annual Student Statement

The Annual Student Statement is one of our proudest pieces of work.

You can read our statements below, but put simply, it’s a report entirely based on what you tell us about your academic experience. From books on shelves, to computer labs, to feedback on your work and module choices.

We even look at employability and reducing barriers to accessing education.

We work with the University to implement recommendations on how you can work in partnership with the University to improve your experience by shaping how you’re taught, how you progress, to how you want your experience to look and feel.

It’s your education, and we believe that you’re the experts, so you should be the driving force behind the decisions.


Undeb Strategic Plan

We use the feedback we gather from you to create our Strategic Plan enabling us to improve our services in supporting you. More information can be found in Our Plan.


Impact Reports

We also work alongside the Opportunities Team, reporting on the impact all the activities you take part in have on your experience as a student. Emphasising on the transferable skills you gain for your employability, the sense of belonging you feel and how providing the membership for free is so important.


Green Impact Sustainability Report

We have committed to ‘embedding sustainability into everything we do’ and have reported on what you are telling us about our sustainability values. From this we will be developing recommendations and priorities for the University and Undeb Bangor to fulfil our commitment.



We are involved in the University’s Internal Quality Audits and ensure your voice is part of the audit that makes sure that the processes for quality and standards are working well.


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